Handcrafted Items Made for You!

Handcrafted Items Made for You!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

For you I would like to share the world of bonanza.com.  

Its a friendly, wonderful community!  I was happy in finding it while searching for a place to display and sell my handcrafted items.

There are many many other booths there and such a wide variety of items/products.  Not all are handcrafted like mine. 

Some of our booths have vintage items, clothing, books, post cards, pet items, oh goodness....the list goes on and on. 

It is a fairly new site and growing!!  We just hit the 500,000 mark, yep half a million people now come to bonanza, to shop or offer items in their booths.
It doesn't cost a thing to join at  http://www.bonanza.com/  that's right its FREE to join.

Free to set up a booth.  Yes, pictures, descriptions and all...ALL FREE!!
Once an item is sold the fee is unbelievably small!!

Bonanza is a must visit!
Oh, did I mention I'm a buyer as well?!?

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